Grey Nylon – Nylon 11 (PA11) | Gray Polyamide 3D Printing Material

PA11 (Grey Nylon) is made from gray polyamide powder and is strong and flexible. The color of PA11 is continuous grey. Grey nylon has a grainy, sanded finish which can be polished or painted. The versatility and strength of grey polyamide means it has a wide range of applications from mechanical prototyping and geared systems to ornamental, educational and for production parts.

Grey Nylon SLS 3d printed parts can be flexible when wall thickness is thin and more rigid when model wall is thicker. While PA11/12 is water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Therefore, it is best if grey nylon parts aren’t in constant contact with water for extended periods of time.

Grey nylon parts are grey throughout so they are relatively resistant against scratches and abrasions. It is best if PA11/12 (grey plastic) isn’t subjected to heat above 120°C (248°F).

Available Finishes include: raw and polished.

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Grey Nylon PA-11