Why 3D Print with us?

We have provide 3D printing expertise and have a wide range of resources to help maximize your uptime and bring your products to market quickly. Here are just a few reasons why you should 3D print and additive manufacture with us:

The proven 3D technologies we focus on are SLA, SLS, Direct Metal Printing (DMP or DMLS) and FDM. We can also help with ColorJet Printing (CJP).


We have a versatile portfolio of 3D printing materials to choose from. Our materials can meet both established and emerging additive manufacturing performance requirements. Materials we work with include: plastic, elastomer, composite, wax, metal, bio-compatible and more.

Our extensive traditional manufacturing capabilities fully compliment our additive manufacturing capabilities. Some areas we excel in are cast urethane, CNC machining, rapid injection molding, metal-die casting, and sheet metal stamping.

Our in-house engineering team and sales reps are here to make every step of your order process as simple and hassle-free as possible.

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Why 3D Print With Us